Our Approach

The first step in developing an investment plan for our clients starts with a face-to-face meeting. During the meeting, a discussion is conducted identifying the client’s assets, current asset allocation, unique investment goals and risk profile. Once a thorough understanding of our client’s goals and time horizon is ascertained, a uniquely tailored investment plan is designed.



Consulting Process

Identify client’s assets
Determine client’s financial goals, insurance needs, risk profile and time horizon
Determine Rate of Return objective
Define the scope of our relationship
Define our responsibilites, client’s responsibilities and agreed upon expectations

Investment Plan

A written investment plan is then delivered and personally reviewed. GFS will select appropriate investments through suitable strategies considering diversification, asset allocation, investment time horizon, client’s tax situation, and current and projected inflationary environment. The plan will include specific investment recommendations. The investment plan is specific enough to be actionable, yet flexible enough to be modified in response to changes in market conditions or investor needs. Full disclosure of all material information, including fees and overall risk level of the investment plan, are discussed at this time.  After the plan is agreed upon, we implement the plan.

Implementation and Monitoring

Once the investment plan is agreed upon, our firm will implement the plan, begin to make the investments and provide a simple way to monitor the plan going forward. In addition to receiving monthly account statements, GFS clients receive quarterly performance reports. A simple one-page report allows our clients to easily see their quarter-by-quarter, year-to-date, and inception-to-date returns, net of fees, adjusted for any withdrawals or additions. The quarterly reports are an invaluable tool that quickly help our firm make sure that our client's investment objectives are on track.  The review provides us with an opportunity to update your plan at least four times a year.